Reindeer Are Not Supernatural

Reindeer Are Not Supernatural, But They Have Super Gifts

We grew up reading stories about Santa Claus roaming over cities on a sleigh pulled by reindeer. From early in childhood we have been associating it with magical beings. However, we all know that the story of Santa Claus has no semblance with reality and it does not possess the power of flying. But that does not mean these mammals do not have anything that can make us amazed and thrilled. Furthermore, for animal lovers, reindeer are exotic creatures and they have their fair share to contribute to the beauty of the environment.

So keeping the fantasy aside, we can know fascinating things about these creatures, some of which are incredibly unique to its kind.

Where Do We Find Them?

Reindeer Are Not Supernatural, But They Do Have Super Gifts
Reindeer Are Not Supernatural, But They Do Have Super Gifts

Reindeer are from dear family and closest to elk and moose. Like most of the others in this category, they possess antlers, strong and long legs and hooves similarly. Reindeer are from places of cold weather. Their primary habitat is in North America and Europe. However, they are also found in Asian tundra.

 Reindeer is mostly used in Europe and Caribou is the word used by North Americans. Besides that, some of the scholars think that reindeer were one of the earliest animals to be domesticated by humans. Reindeer is associated with domesticated ones while caribou refers to the wild one.

Do Reindeer Have Red Noses?

We have seen in the photographs and storybooks that they have red noses. It is not a fancy look but they have a dense network of blood vessels in that area. That is why it looks red. Researchers have found out that they have 25% more oxygen-carrying blood capillaries on their nose. In colder climates, these vessels help them to keep their nose warm. They also help reindeer to regulate their body temperature since they do not sweat like other mammals.

Reindeer Are Social

In the early stage of humanity, forming groups and tribes helped us to sustain our life in the wilderness. Besides that, we have known reindeer to be social like most of the other species. They travel, feed and rest in these groups and they feel secure. Moreover, there are 9 to a few hundred animals in a herd. This can get larger in the time of spring.

Interesting Facts

Reindeer Are Not Supernatural, But They Do Have Super Gifts
Reindeer Are Not Supernatural, But They Do Have Super Gifts
  • Reindeer have very thick coats as we can see. It helps them trap air and are hollow in nature. Similarly, in cold weather, they get proper insulation to keep themselves warm.
  • They have very strong feet and not only that, their footpads change with time. In the summer, they have spongelike pads where they can walk on soft land without any problem. However, in winter their pads shrink and tighten that allows their hoofs to come out and cut the ice for better walking. These things really help these animals walk freely and graze.
  • Female reindeer possess antlers, unlike other species. Males shed their antlers in early winter and females a little later. These antlers cover the forests at the end of the winter. However, these are not wasted because of its high amount of calcium and minerals. Rodents and other animals eat them.
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