Tiger: The Prince Of Jungle

Tiger: The Prince of Jungle

Tiger is considered the prince of the jungle. It is the most decorated, organized and ferocious animal among the wild animals. They hunt silently, but brutally. It is habituated to keep no trace of him after the hunting. Besides that, they have some signature about the hunting process that informs the other people about his presence. If you see the footprints of a tiger, you might see that they are placed in a parallel manner. It looks like a perfectionist according to these facts, doesn’t it?

Tiger As A hunter

Tiger: The Prince Of Jungle Is Out For Hunting Its Prey
Tiger: The Prince Of Jungle Is Out For Hunting Its Prey

Tigers hunt other animals for their carnivorous nature. Every one of them needs to be active and able to hunt in order to survive. This is so because they roam alone instead of a supporting pack. Furthermore, it hunts its prey on an eight to nine-day basis.

Ability To Hunt

Tiger keeps a high focus on its position of hunting. They are skilled in camouflage technique. Besides that, their skin color helps them in camouflage. Tiger conceals itself into the bushes behind its prey. Furthermore, it follows the prey in a sneaky manner.

A tiger is capable to jump up to 30 feet in the air. Because of this, when the prey is between 20 to 30 feet from this, it jumps on it in order to kill. However, its extreme agility and power help it to kill its prey once.

The killing style of this animal is unique. It kills them either by snapping the spinal cord or by grabbing the throat and jaws of the prey. However, this animal does it for a quick death.

This animal is very much aware of its love toward loneliness. That is why it drags its prey to a secluded spot.

Evening and nights are the most preferred time for hunting. It has a night vision that enables it to become a nocturnal hunter.

Weapons For A Tiger During Its Hunt

Tiger: The Prince Of Jungle Is Out For Hunting Its Prey
Tiger: The Prince Of Jungle Is Out For Hunting Its Prey

This animal has some important in-built weapons that ease it to hunt its prey. Let’s have a look at them:

It has teeth that are almost three inches in length. The size of the teeth depends on gender and subspecies. A tiger has 30 teeth that have been designed for helping them while gripping the prey, break its bones and tear flesh.

The second important weapon of this animal is its claws. These claws are retractable (like Wolverine!). Otherwise, the claws might cause discomfort to the tiger when it is not being used.

 A tiger is known for its vision. It has been told previously that it can see in the night. This is so because the tiger has round pupils and yellow irises besides having the capability of retinal adaptation.

Moreover, the speed of a tiger helps it to kill its prey suddenly. It can have a speed-burst of 80 kilometer per hour.

The last weapon of this animal is its sensibility to smell and sounds. It helps this to detect the movement of prey through grass and bush. Besides that, the sensibility to smell helps it to measure the distance between the prey and itself.

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