Variations In Leopard Cat

The leopard cat meant as most widespread Asian cat found in eastern and southeast Asia. However, there are many studies on morphology, taxonomy, and ecology of Asian cats. Although there are some fundamental aspects of cat biology. this include sexual dimorphism, morphological skull and many-body differences. Twenty-five heads recovered from different Asian localities which analyzed multivariate statistical approaches. Skull as well as external body organized and divided into two categories such as full data and summary data. Variations in Leopard Cat mentioned above.

Variations In leopard cat: Description Of Categories

The studies of the last 77 years assembled and organized into two categories are: full data and summary data. There are seven species of leopard cat. All the leopard cats are from different geographic locations, as well as they are different in appearance. African leopard are common whereas, others leopards found rare. Continental leopards cats have more giant skulls and small body. Heads of the cats which are Indochinese morphotypes, are narrow and low as compare to Sunda islands skulls. Cranial sexual are present in different degrees of the cats. Therefore, in some cases sexual dimorphism is absent. The external body shows a low degree of sexual dimorphism. Gonads have long hindfoot. On the other hand male leopard cats have sexual dimorphism, which is the main feature among bengalensis. therefore, this trait distinguishes subtle differences.

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Variations in Leopard Cat

Introduction Of Leopard Cat

The leopard cat found in southeastern continental Asia, meant as small wild cat. Leopard cat of continental Asia meant as similar species as Sunda leopard cat. Species of leopard cat are different in their color, shape, size, length and skull shape. Leopard cat hide in the ground or under dense thorny trees. Leopard cat meant as agile climbers. Some leopard cats know how to swim.

Reproduction Of Leopard Kittens

Female Leopard cats give birth to their kittens in spring season. Their gestation period are for 60 to 70 days. Leopard cat give birth to two to three kittens. At the time of birth kittens weighed 80 to 120 grams. They open their eyes after 15 days. After five weeks kittens are double in their weight.

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Variations in Leopard Cat


Finally, leopard cats meant as carnivorous. They usually, depends on small prey including lizards, mammals, birds, and insects. Rats and mice are a unique part of their diet. In addition, leopard cats called active hunters. They dispatch their prey with sudden pounce or bite. Small cats don’t play with their food. They make a grip on their animal, and the animal is dead. Related to birds which included in their diet. Rodents may be related to the high proportion of birds in their diet. Breeding season of leopard cats depend upon the climate. Kittens of leopard cats are born through out year.

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